Challenges to my move to Kenya

Still: Eight weeks or 56 days or 1344 hours or 80640 minutes or …. until I move to Kenya. And slowly I realize the challenge of moving in another country. After many people wished it, today I want to give you a little insight into how the preparation looks after I decided a year ago

Is the path of life already mapped out?

December 2020, a crazy year is coming to an end. And yet it was probably the best year I've ever had. The move to Kenya is less than three months away, I was able to build a house in Kenya this year together with my trainer Thomas

I´m a Blogger now?

The first blog post on my website.. Am I a blogger now? I don't want to blog very often at first, but I want to take you on my journey the next few years. What challenges have I had and are currently facing with the decision to move to Kenya, how hard ist the training in Kenya and