Is the path of life already mapped out?

December 2020, a crazy year is coming to an end. And yet it was probably the best year I've ever had. The move to Kenya is less than three months away, I was able to build a house in Kenya this year together with my trainer Thomas, find my first sponsors for my journey and have met many people and gained experience. Nevertheless, the year also had more challenges than any other of the last years.

This is the only way for me to get up every day and do my best

If I had known a few years ago where I was standing today, would I have been happy about it or chosen a different path, since I would have known the challenges ahead? A difficult question and even more difficult the question whether the path of life has already been mapped out? The last few weeks I have thought a lot about it, whenever the head has no answer, it is either coincidence or fate. I think of neither, chance or fate… I am convinced that we can create our own future by working on our dreams every day and aligning everything with it. This is the only way for me to get up every day and do my best. 

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