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Stay up-to-date about my life in Kenya, races in Europe and upcoming projects. Read on my blog the beautiful sides of the sport, but also what it means to train with the elite in Kenya every day and follow the own passion at thin air in Iten. My blog isn’t enough for you? On Youtube and Instagram I also keep you up to date.

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A (training) week in Iten "Home of Champions

120 - 140 running kilometers, 1,200 - 1,700 elevation gain, 7x core and mobility and 3x massage. This workload is currently my normal training week in Iten, Kenya. But what makes the training here so challenging, how did the adaptation to the altitude as well as the hilly terrain go and is there already a noticeable progress? I would like to share that and a detailed training week with you in this article.

Goodbye Germany - I'm moving to Iten, Kenya

05 March 2021, a cold day in Germany. But soon I will be running again in the sun and pleasant temperatures. My plane towards Kenya takes off and a new chapter begins for me. I have prepared this step for a long time and today is finally the day. My move to Iten, Kenya..

Challenges to my move to Kenya

Still: Eight weeks or 56 days or 1344 hours or 80640 minutes or …. until I move to Kenya. And slowly I realize the challenge of moving in another country. After many people wished it, today I want to give you a little insight into how the preparation looks after I decided a year ago

Time2Run New Year's Eve run

Due to the current Coronasituation, the Time2Run New Year's Eve run in Schwabmünchen could not take place in the usual form this year. For organiser Leo Klocke and his team, it wasn´t a reason to to cancel this years event. And so it was called Time2Run virtual this year! The runners chose whether to complete the 6km or 12km course

Is the path of life already mapped out?

December 2020, a crazy year is coming to an end. And yet it was probably the best year I've ever had. The move to Kenya is less than three months away, I was able to build a house in Kenya this year together with my trainer Thomas

I´m a Blogger now?

The first blog post on my website.. Am I a blogger now? I don't want to blog very often at first, but I want to take you on my journey the next few years. What challenges have I had and are currently facing with the decision to move to Kenya, how hard ist the training in Kenya and